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How Our Brands Grow

A/B Testing

Optimize branded installers

A/B and multi-variant testing of installer design, among other things, are our speciality, and we make it easy and effective. The dynamic installer GUI is generated from the server, and allows the testing and comparison of installer layout, buttons, texts, colors and more, as well as the testing of installer-skin performance per region.


Transparency at the core

Our platform is designed to provide users with the best installation experience possible by placing a special emphasis on transparency throughout the installation process.

User Experience

Users enjoy a faster, smoother ride

Install Grizzly makes the software installation for end-users faster and easier. Our Installation engine bypasses common technical points of failure relating to operating systems or browser specifications and settings, while expediting installation.

Branded Installer

Reinforce your brand

Data analysis tools are providing clear understanding of the whole installation process, while built-in A/B testing functionality is enabling continuous optimization of results. The pay-per-install (ppi) feature helps you get paid for every successful installation.

How it works

1. Download

Thanks to our fast servers across the world and a very tiny installer — it happens in a blink of an eye.

2. Installer start

Light weight installer runs fast and smooth. User sees custom-designed installer branded especially for your product.

3. Additional offers

In the installation process we offer to install other most relevant products, which user can accept or decline.

4. You get paid

User complete the installation of your product and you get paid according to his operating system and country.


Our industry is big and asks for technical and marketing expertise. Here, both requirements are met with utmost devotion and professionalism, where we are more than resolved to convert strategies into results.

1 Daily Installs
100+ Happy Clients
100 000+ Offers distributed daily
24/7 Support